Invercauld Bridge

The River Dee begins its 85-mile journey to the North Sea from high in the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland. The river is famous for its fishing, scenery and water sports.

This area of Scotland is often referred to as ‘Royal Deeside’ because of the connections with the British Royal Family. Queen Victoria built Balmoral Castle in the 1800s and ever since then kings and queens have visited the area. King Charles III is often seen at the Balmoral Estate and in the woodland and mountain trails around Invercauld.

The old Invercauld Bridge was once the only way to cross the river before arriving at Braemar. However, it was replaced with a new road bridge because Queen Victoria was concerned about her privacy; the old road passed close to the Balmoral Estate. The old bridge is still open to the public, as a pedestrian route.